It’s time for
deeply satisfying,
soul-connecting intimacy.

Guy Shahar is the Co-Founder of The Tantra Institute, where he leads the men’s program Masculine Mastery. An Advanced Certified Tantra Educator, he has studied a broad range of modalities ranging from Tantra, BDSM, Orgasmic Meditation, Morehouse, Quodoushka to many others.

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Learn and Practice with Guy Shahar

Being a better lover is not about the bedroom, it’s about how to love full-out with your full and open heart, no matter what.  Unless you can do that, then none of the amazing tantric techniques Guy Shahar has mastered will do you any good.

You will master the following subjects

Guy Shahar is an Advanced Certified Tantra Coach based in New York City. Guy Shahar will help you heal the rift between masculine and feminine energies, showing singles how to relate to each other in a new and loving way.

Have you heard of it? Can you find it? Guess what… Not only will we help you find it, we’ll teach you that it’s one many others including the “Sacred Spot.”

We hear a lot about the clitoris–and don’t get us wrong, we LOVE the clitoris–but you’ll learn that it’s only one of many sources of sensual pleasure for women.

How to delay ejaculation, prolong pleasure, and enhance potency so men can be more vital.

Pop quiz… How many types of orgasms can you name? Learn about vaginal, clitoral, cervical, multiple, full body, nipple and more…

Did you know you can touch someone with your energy before you make contact physically? You’ll learn both energy and physical modalities of touch.

How to feel what is going on in your partner’s body, and experience a feeling of oneness.